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Course description

Welcome to the first course of the quintly Academy! This class will cover the basic principles of social media analytics both for beginners and for marketers who want to refresh their knowledge. For all newcomers to social media analytics, this free course will offer an introduction to its fundamentals. It aims to help anybody involved in social media analytics, no matter whether you are working for a brand, an agency or in the media.

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quintly Academy
quintly Academy

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Social Media Analytics
1. Video: Welcome! 👋
2. Course overview
3. What is Social Media Analytics
4. Asset: Social Media Landscape chart
5. Quiz: Social Media Landscape
6. Why your business needs Social Media Analytics
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Social Media Analytics Cycle: Step 1
1. Situation analysis of existing footprint
2. Video: How to approach situation analysis
3. Compare your Social Media appearances and that of your competition
4. Asset: Differentiation between Social Networks for data collection
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Social Media Analytics Cycle: Step 2
1. Identify your data-based goals
2. Find KPIs that fit your goals
3. Video: Show and explain different metrics
4. Asset: Possible action points for your goals
5. Quiz: Differentiate between metrics and decide
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Social Media Analytics Cycle: Step 3
1. Video: Build the foundation for reporting
2. Decide on audience for different reports
3. Automating reports
4. Video: How to automate reports
5. Quiz: Which kind of report do you see?
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1. Congratulations 🎉
2. Video: Summary
3. Asset: Social Media Analytics Cycle
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Reviews (24)

by Serdar Gulec, MA Ed, TESOL

by arumugam kaviraja

well you help me out in the beginning

by suleman imtiaz
useful knowledge very well arranged step by step
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by Serdar Gulec, MA Ed, TESOL

by arumugam kaviraja

well you help me out in the beginning

by suleman imtiaz
useful knowledge very well arranged step by step

Social Media Analytics Course

by Louise Kriedemann
The course was easy to follow and understand as well as informative.

by Colleen Jenkins

by Joseph Jones

Very Insightful

by Oshilaja Adewunmi
I recommend this course to every aspiring digital marketing strategist.


by brian tembo
I am a marketing student at the University of Zambia. I have developed a keen interest in digital marketing and am grateful to quintly for the knowledge I have acquired from this free course.

by Peter Senn

Best Way to Start

by Oluwatobi Owolabi
If you want to get started with Social Media Analytic begin with this course

Straight forward and easy to follow

by Viv Oyolu
A great course to understand the basics of social media analytics which was very helpful.

Great course!

by Maria del Carmen Perrier
I thought it was a very agile well-organized course. Loved that they have material you can download and the different examples are clear and interesting.

by Amalie Niland

by M S

by Mohamed Hegab

by Ranjan Singha

Nice Course

by mohd ilyas
i go through this course it was wonderful design course. thanks a lot..

Social Media Analytics

A wonderful course. Well presented. Simple and precise. I have added a new knowledge feather to my cap. Victor from Kenya.


by Zineb Laraichi

Social Media Analytics Course Review

by Ronald Babikanyisa
Refreshing and educational. Definitely not a waste of time.


by oseni idris
As a person intending to get knowledge of Social Media Analytics and wanting be ahead of the game, enrolling to the free course by quintly gave me a great and excellent experience. It has also exposed me to more on digital communication and marketing.

by Imran Mazid

by Julian Gottke